Your Social Media Packet

Social Media Packet (30): I have found that the best format for this tends to be a Word Document with tables of posts as well as links to the storify etc. But there are lots of way you could do this.

  • Your Twitter (10): Must have at least 100 tweets throughout the semester. Does not include Retweets. Must include TWO live tweeting of our speakers. You must also follow our class hashtag: #socialj (which we are sharing with several other schools across the country in the hopes of encouraging networking among all budding communication professionals and of expanding our own reach).
  • Half of these tweets should be recorded by mid-semester. I want a storify of tweets you have done so far, broken into: Participation in hashtags, engagement with individual tweeters (people you do not know!), participation in class speakers, and marketing of yourself (blog etc). (You should add to this storify for the final report).
  • Your Website (5): This can also be your “blog” (or your blog can be separate). Basically I am looking to see that you have established a professional space for potential employers. Must include “marketing” of your site in various realms. I am open to all kinds of platforms here such as WordPress, Pinterest, Medium, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Google Plus, a Facebook Group page, YouTube channel etc. (A blog will help you get more followers and a job more than any of these others, depending on your specialty.) I will be looking to see that you have: a photo associated with the profile, an About Me section that is not overly personal and describes your expertise and objective, a resume (without your address or cell, only your email, Twitter etc.), a search function, etc.  .
  • Social Media Strategy (15): 1-2-page single-spaced of your social-media strategy to date and going forward. This must include: 1) your social media goals, 2) analytics of your social media use, 3) a list of stakeholders/key influencers in your specialty area, including a social media role model with why they are a role model to you (I mean, socially. Need to include links and analytics); 4) what you have done to amplify your content this semester, and 5) specific plans going forward.
  • I want to see the list of goals, list of stakeholders/key influencers/hashtags  and where you are at so far on all of your platforms by mid-semester..
  • The rest, plus updated goals etc., should be done for the full report on May 1.

Part I of the Social Media Packet is due just before Spring Break on March 15 (in Part I you need all the parts to date);

Part II, the full report, will be due Wed. April 19 with everything updated

Tips for what I am looking for:

1) Cite from the readings in the class, particularly the UnMarketing and other readings that give you tips etc. These will help you strategize. Lots and lots of ideas in these readings about how to increase engagement and be more of a presence. Show me you are reading in the final report, and, more importantly, incorporating what you learn in the readings to your own personal strategy.

2) Cite from the stats we have been talking about, posting etc. (or that you find yourself) for the platforms you are using. Your strategy needs to incorporate distinctive platform decisions, demographic information, audience understanding — all of this.

3) Be SPECIFIC in terms of hashtags and influencers and show me in your Storify that you have ENGAGED with these. Your influencers should be INDIVIDUALS more than organizations or entities.

4) Using this information, STRATEGIZE your social-media activity. It’s not just about trying to tweet or blog more. It’s about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. What’s the best time to do that, according to platform? What’s the best place to build the kind of audiences you want to have? That means looking specifically for the kinds of people you want to attract, thinking about when they tweet and what they tweet and start a campaign. It means being strategic about what you are tweeting when, beyond the normal tweeting you are doing.

5) And then actually DO what you say you have done or want to do and SHOW me this in the Storify and in your report.

6) Write through your Storify so I can really see how you are implementing your storify. To see what I mean, check out Monique’s from last time:

By the way, I will also be looking for these kinds of activities for your Final Project. You will need be creative and specific with them.