Presentations (10): This is 30-40-minute, team-based presentation according to various topics with 1 other person. You will be leading a class discussion based on what you and your partner research and find about specific apps and platforms we might use as professional communicators to be social. Can use everything from academic journal articles, Poynter/mashable/etc. pieces, incorporate a short interview with an influencer, can assign readings, analyze case studies, etc. The class is yours. You can be practical or theoretical, but the perfect discussion will include elements of both. ***Extra points for creativity. For each app/platform etc. you need to tell us the background, ownership details, audience demographics, examples for best practices, and what we might use it for in professional communicative worlds. It is also a good idea to have some kind of hands-on exercise during it.

  • Mar 8 – Presentation I: Twitter Bots & Journalism (See;
  • Mar 8 – Presentation II: Podcasts and Social News
  • March 27 – Presentation III: Live Video and Journalism (Not Facebook)
  • March 27 – Presentation IV: Visual Journalism on Social (Not Snapchat)
  • March 29 – Presentation V: GeoLocation and the News
  • March 29- Presentation VI: Reporting/Production Tools
  • March 29 – Presentation VII: Surprise Us!
  • April 17 – Presentation VIII: Newsroom Social Media Policies
  • April 17 – Presentation IX: Surprise Us!
  • April 17 – Presentation X: Future of Social Tools & News