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Blogged Reaction Pieces to Readings (20): There is going to be quite a bit of reading throughout the semester and to help you be successful in keeping up with it, you need to write FIVE blog entries based on the reading. Your entries should be 350-500 words in length, incorporate links, and make a point. These should not be summaries of the readings, so much as analytical commentary. To make a good blog entry, you should try to apply the readings to some current situation. You should also follow our guidelines for SEO with an appropriate headline, keywords, etc. I will try to suggest topics and questions you can also use to apply the readings (but you may go rogue as well, as long as you incorporate readings). Remember that these will be public posts that potential employers will be looking at, so make them smart and significant. Each one is worth 4 points of your final grade. I will grade you on how well you apply the readings (a majority of them). You will need to share a link to your blog post on our Facebook page. The five posts will be due:


Blog Post 1, Jan. 30: – Social Media and the News Revolution OR Your Choice (but must incorporate readings from first two weeks)

Blog Post 2, Feb 8: – The SuperBowl in a Networked World OR How to not be snowed in social-media worlds

Blog Post 3, Feb. 20: – Analysis of a Viral News Story/Message OR Your Choice

Blog Post 4, March 1: Engage with the question: is curation journalism? How might brands use curation as a marketing tool? Or your choice!

Blog Post 5, April 17: What kind of social tools might we expect for journalism in the future? (Have fun with this one)

* At least one of your blog posts must be a live video you do on either Facebook Live or Periscope and then embed into the blog post. (

*The lowest grade for Blog Post 1-5 will be dropped.

Blog Post 6: This is not a blog post, but our class exercise posts